We encourage visiting, even during these times of Covid. We ask that you give us one hours’ notice of a visit so that we can ensure that we have enough space to accommodate you safely. Up to three people can visit at any time, but for special occasions we may extend this number. All visitors will need to conduct a lateral flow test and record the result on the Government website before arrival and will need to complete a form. We ask that if you are unwell, in any way, that you do not visit the home. 

We have lounges on each floor where you can visit in private. We do not allow visiting in residents bedrooms unless they are unwell. The reason for this is that we do not believe that it promotes dignity or privacy. You are however welcome to go into their room to check that everything is ok. 

We are hopeful that soon we can invite you to dine with us and attend social functions. 

Please note that this is subject to change to ensure that we comply with any legal requirements regarding infection control. 

Please see our FAQs section for more information here