New Visitors Policy

      1. There is no limit to the number of visitors each resident can have, but we do ask that you exercise discretion and avoid too many people visiting at one time.


      1. It is not necessary to book an appointment for a visit however, we do request that you phone and give at least one hour’s notice prior to arrival; this allows us to check that your visit does not clash with any other appointments and gives time for your loved one to prepare for your visit.


      1. Only visitors providing personal care should take an LFD test before visiting.


      1. To comply with fire regulations, visitors should complete online check-in on arrival at the front door and online check-out on departure.


      1. On arrival you will be met by one of our Duty Manager team who will accompany you to the designated visiting area. At this time, they can also answer any questions you may have.


      1. Visits can take place in private in the lounges, the garden, or the ground floor visiting room. Visitors can take residents out of the home. We discourage visiting in bedrooms unless the resident is considered nearing end of life or is unwell.  Only the Manager or Care Manager can agree to a visit in the bedroom.


      1.  Visitors are permitted to greet with a hug and/or kiss and say goodbye in the same way.  Handholding is permitted throughout the visit, but we would ask that visitors remain as far as practical away from their loved one.


      1. Due to the recent increase in infections of Covid-19 both locally and nationally a maskor visor must be worn immediately upon arrival and remain in place throughout the duration of the visit.  Masks / visors should only be removed once visitors have exited the building.


      1. Visitors are permitted to hand gifts, flowers, etc. directly to a resident – there is no requirement for items to be “quarantined”.