What makes Read House different? 

At Read House we are committed to a holistic approach when looking after the people that live here. Therefore, our care team are called the Wellbeing Team because their day-to-day practice is about the wellbeing of our residents, from help with practical tasks to spending time talking with them or engaging in group or one to one activity. Although we have care plans that guide our Wellbeing Team on the help that a resident might need, Read House does not work to a timetable, we help people as and when they would like, without rushing. We are very mindful of people’s privacy and dignity, and we use words that enforce this value. Speak to any staff member and they will be able to explain to you exactly what holistic care means and how it is put into practice. Our sole purpose is to make each day as enjoyable as possible, delivering help when needed and always with empathy. 


Pets to us are like family, and we are proud members of the Cinnamon Trust. The Cinnamon Trust supports residents in care homes to keep their pets with them, and we would always be open to new residents bringing their much-loved pet with them.  

Our Registered Manager, Juliet Nightingale, often brings her border collie dog in with her, and Brook can be seen playing in the garden or saying hello to residents.  

Meals & Drinks 

Food plays an important part of the wellbeing of older people; appetites can decrease, and good nutrition is essential to overall health. We offer food and drinks that are enriched with fresh double cream and made with full fat milk. We even make proper custard with eggs and cream.  Our meat is delivered by the local butcher and our vegetables and fruit from the local greengrocer.  All our food is cooked freshly by our qualified Chefs. Food and drink are offered throughout the day, and people may request a drink or something to eat at any time. The Wellbeing team have 24-hour access to the kitchen and pantry.  

GP & Other Professionals 

Most of our residents are registered with the local Caradoc surgery. Alongside the GP service they also provide district nurses and a visiting paramedic. We would advise new residents that it is beneficial for them to register with this practice. Our qualified chiropodist comes every six weeks, this is an extra service which is not included in our fees. 

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