Careers in Read House 

Read House has a reputation locally for being an outstanding employer. All staff benefit from working in a fully inclusive environment where everyone works together as a team to create an exceptional home for the residents. Pay rates are above industry standard and there is a full program of training and advancement. We use a values-based interview process to ensure that we only employ people that understand, and want to work, using our ethos. For all staff, the most important qualities are communication and compassion. 

Available positions will be advertised on this page. 

We do not have a care team; we have a Wellbeing Team. At entry level, without experience you would be a Wellbeing Stars. With a Level 2 qualification, or more than two years’ experience you would be a Wellbeing Senior. If you are working towards your Level 3 qualification, then you would be a Wellbeing Lead and if you have a Level 3 or higher you would be a Duty Manager.  

What’s it really like to be part of the Wellbeing Team? 

Being part of our Wellbeing Team is a diverse and rewarding carer.  

  • You can move from an entry level Wellbeing Star to a Registered Manager with hard work and dedication, gaining experience and qualifications along the way. 
  • If you like talking then this is an ideal career for you; we spend all day talking and listening to people. 
  • Entertaining our residents is key to making their lives happy. Singers, dancers, and performers are always welcome on our team. 
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